Death's Breath

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Straight Forward Stat + Mana Bonus 211 Archer Suit that Achieves 100% Damage Increase without having to put any onto the bows themselves. This suit has balanced 20 Mana Regeneration and over 100 Stat + Mana bonus giving you 150 Hp, 211 Stamina and 120 Mana as a human. 

This suit is built around the weapon mastery 3, you will need it to achieve maximum hit chance increase and defense chance increase. 

Town Buff is Optional, but is suggested. 

Total Stats with Weapon Mastery 3 
70/75/70/70/70  (Refined to turn Pure Scribe mages into regular mages) 
20 Mana Regeneration 
2 Hit Point Regeneration 
13 Stamina Regeneration 
48 Mana Increase 
61 Stamina Increase 
25 Hit Point Increase 
53% Lower Mana Cost 
90% Damage Increase (+10 With Yew Enhance on Bows) 
40% Hit Chance Increase (+5 With Yew Enhance On Bows) 
40% Defense Chance Increase (Cap with Refined Fire Resist) 
20% Spell Damage Increase 
50% Enhance Potions 
15 Strength Bonus 
9 Intelligence Bonus 
35 Dexetiery Bonus 
15% Poison Eater 

Suggested Stats with Suit Equipped 
120 Strength, 127 Dexterity, 72 Intelligence 

After Potion 
150 Strength, 150 Dexterity (Overcapped), 72 Intelligence 

Giving you 150 Hit Points, 211 Stamina, and 120 Mana Human (140 Elf) 

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