Mage Luck Suit


An Affordable Luck suit built to be functional on it's own, Gets you 100% Lower reagant Cost, 40 Lrc 70's in resists, and 2150 Luck.

Stats for Everything in the suit. 
Circlet, Chest, Gorget, Arms, Gloves, Legs, Shield, Weapon, Etoile Set, Soles of Providence, Lucky Charm Included. 

8 Mana Regeneration 
3 Hit Point Regeneration 
1 Stamina Regeneration 
40% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Lower Reagent Cost 
2150 Luck 
23% Defense Chance Increase 
2 Faster Casting 
6 Faster Cast Recovery 

Robe Slot, Half Apron, Sash, and Back slot are still open on this suit. 

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