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*Note Base price is for the armor and jewels. Artifact options are at the bottom of the page. Yes, Cameos are Expensive

Elves Only 

The Artemis Series were designed to be a 211 Archer suit that requires no swing speed increase, damage increase, or slayer imbued on the weapons themselves. This helps keep the leeches high and leaves room for plenty of other mods such as hit fatigue, hit lower attack, balanced, Hit spell Etc. 

*Suit Requires town Swing Speed Increase Buff. 

Total Stats with All artifacts equipped 
Resists: 87/102/74/87/79 (Can be Refined)
6 Mana Regen
2 Hit Point Regen 
7 Stamina Regen 
32 Mana Increase 
61 Stamina Increase 
10 Hit Point Increase 
46% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Damage Increase 
40% Swing Speed Increase (+5 from town Buff, +10 Enhance on Bows for 55% total)
45% HIt Chance Increase
20% Defense Chance Increase (Meant to be refined) 
19 Strength Bonus 
4 Intelligence Bonus 
33 Dexterity Bonus (Overcapped to keep you at 150 when cursed with resisting spells)
5% Kinetic Eater 

Artifacts Used
Enchantress Cameo (Separate Price System Below)
Conjurer Garb (Epaulette)
Corgul's Sash
Animated Leggings of the Insane Tinker
Ranger's Cloak of Augmentation
Anon's Boots 
Ozymandias' Obi



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Enchantress Cameo

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